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Everybody knows the London property market is booming and compared to the rest of the UK, is an anomaly with its’ sky high prices and continual ascendancy. This provides fantastic headline figures for sellers as they can make a fortune but for buyers, it can be daunting and costly to say the least, according to who specialise in quick property sales.

With this fantastical property market comes scary facts and figures that will make you gasp. For example, did you know that a garage in London sold for £251,000? This is comparable to a 4/5 detached property in the North East with land and views, and maybe more. To even begin to comprehend these figures can cause ones’ head to hurt and if it is, please don’t read on.

A garden, with metal fences, some grass and a single tree fetched £120,000 yet it was not big enough to build anything but a small house on with no outside space. If we simply look at house prices in London, it was estimated that they increased by £50,000 in one month and that was not even this year. Renting is not any better either as it is estimated that this can be even more expensive per year compared to paying a mortgage.

The government want to avoid another insane property boom like 2007 and for good reason; this boom crippled the market for millions of people today with its’ ludicrous prices. Yes we are now feeling the ripples of this market but we are slowly but surely recovering. However, as I mentioned, the government want to quash another boom so they dampen the market with interest rates, mortgage deposits and mortgage criteria. All this combined is slowing the increase in prices and providing a more stable property market which is exactly what is needed.

What does the property market hold for the future? Well there is no crystal ball but more stability will certainly be on the agenda and when prices increase, which they will, don’t expect an explosion.

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